15 Best Free YouTube Alternatives (2022) | Video sites like YouTube (2023)

YouTube is arguably the most dominant platform on the internet for free video streaming online. It hosts billions of videos that people watch and comment on daily. However, YouTube may revise its guidelines without prior guidance. This has resulted in a large portion of dissatisfied users looking for other alternative YouTube sites that can offer free video hosting and similar content.

In case you are one of them and looking for different video streaming sites, here is a list of best YouTube alternatives in 2022.

Why You Should Look for YouTube Alternatives

There are several good reasons to be aware of a YouTube alternative when you need one. Google's video-sharing platform has been making big changes, and many users haven't welcomed them. Whether it's the decision to run more video ads orremoving dislike count, there are some updates that YouTube has imposed on its audience. Being used to other video libraries frees you from over-reliance on YouTube and prepares you for the day when you get bored of Google's product.

Another reason you might want to start using other sites like YouTube is privacy. As we know, Google is the supplier of some of the most popular products and services like YouTube, Gmail, Android, etc. This means that all of your data, stored on these products, ends up in one central organization. To avoid this centralization of sensitive data, it is good to tryalternatives to google appsand services. And for starters, you might want an alternative to YouTube.

15 Best Free YouTube Alternatives (2022)

Do not.YouTube alternativeBest for
1tik tokfun short videos
2Muscular contractiongame videos
3DailyMotionnew trending videos
4TEDInspiring and thought provoking videos
5vimeoConnecting with other video creators
6InstagramTV (IGTV)fun videos
7Videos by 9Gagfunny and viral videos
8facebook clockLivestreams, tutorials, original series, etc.
9Metacaféfun videos
10internet archiveold movies and documentaries
11UtreonYouTube-like experience
12tube Ddecentralized video hosting
13VeohPublish uncensored videos
14PeerTubeEarn money as a viewer
15The open video projectdocumentaries

1.tik tok

Believe it or not, TikTok was one of YouTube's biggest competitors until 2020. The Chinese video-sharing platform has given YouTube a tough fight with its unique video style (which all video platforms are now trying to copy). Coupled with low-cost production, TikTok has motivated ordinary people to make videos in the comfort of their homes.

In fact, many celebrities have started using TikTok as a platform to promote their work and connect with fans. However, its popularity started to wane when big countries like India banned the app. Despite this hurdle, TikTok is still available in many other countries and is definitely a YouTube alternative in 2022.

TikTok has a video editor built into its Android and iOS app, making it easy to create content. Additionally, there are several third-party apps including Adobe Premiere Rush, PicsArt, and Fuse that can be directly loaded onto TikTok.


  • cheap production
  • Great for binge-watching without thinking
  • Relaxed policies regarding uploading content


  • Only short videos
  • Not available in some countries

2.Muscular contraction

15 Best Free YouTube Alternatives (2022) | Video sites like YouTube (2)

If you love watching gaming videos, Twitch is the best YouTube alternative for you. It mainly hosts gaming-related content where you can watch games streamed live by popular gamers across the world.

Twitch is also a good platform to interact with other users to get gaming tips and get all kinds of information about video games in 2022. Although Twitch allows you to monetize videos like YouTube, the payment is considerably lower. However, if you are looking for a good YouTube alternative for gaming videos, Twitch is your place!


  • The best for gamers
  • Great for live streaming


  • Insufficient variety of content for non-gamers


15 Best Free YouTube Alternatives (2022) | Video sites like YouTube (3)

Dailymotion is already a popular name in the video sharing website category. Its interface looks like YouTube and you can find popular videos on the homepage or "discover more" in the categories section and search bar at the top.

(Video) Top YouTube Alternatives 2022

Free account users can upload content up to 4GB and 60 minutes long in 1080p resolution. For users with professional accounts, many of these limitations have been removed. With over 300 million visitors per month, this YouTube alternative serves as a great gateway to share your content with people all over the world.

While Dailymotion has its own set of pros and cons, the copyright policies aren't nearly as daunting as YouTube's. Therefore, there is more flexibility and better tolerance for users uploading content, which also makes it one of the best uncensored YouTube alternatives.

There is also the option to monetize content through ads or paywall. Therefore, viewers can expect to see ads on some videos, while other videos are entirely ad-free.


  • high quality content
  • User interface is like YouTube hence easier to use
  • Lazy rules with less risk of content removal


  • Certain upload restrictions on the free account
  • Limited upload capacity for free users means some creators ignore the platform

4. TED

15 Best Free YouTube Alternatives (2022) | Video sites like YouTube (4)

Designed to deliver inspirational and motivational videos to its audience, TED is a must-see online video library. It features impactful sessions from many top people operating across multiple industries.

The library contains hundreds of engaging videos covering topics ranging from technology to personal growth. If you want to learn something new online, TED is an essential destination.


  • Many inspiring talks by many prominent people belonging to various fields.
  • New videos are uploaded regularly as real-life conferences unfold.


  • Most videos are around 10 minutes long; no short content to consume quickly


Vimeo is one of the best video hosting sites for classy artists and filmmakers who are looking for a good YouTube alternative in 2022. This platform encourages professionals in fields like music, dance, cinematography, photography, etc.

So if you want to see some random dog and cat videos, you might need to look elsewhere. But whether you like classic short videos, experimental music clips or engaging snapshots, Vimeo is the place to be.

This YouTube alternative has strict guidelines for uploading content as it hosts high quality content where you can enjoy 4K Ultra HD footage with HDR. The best thing about Vimeo is its ad-free model. It is supported by donations made by users and by the payment walls of some videos.

As for the downsides, its 500MB weekly upload limit might be disappointing for content creators. Although there are options forupdate this limit, you will have to pay for it.


  • Organized interface with well-defined categories for easy searching
  • Reliable YouTube alternative to host your videos online
  • More focus on the video and less distracting elements in the background for a better viewing experience


  • 500MB weekly upload limit on free account
  • Free account restrictions keep some creators away

6.tv instagram(IGTV)

Instagram TV, formerly known as IGTV, is a potential YouTube alternative. Although he has a dedicatedIGTV app, the same content can be seen in the Instagram application itself.

Your library includes all videos uploaded to Instagram, especially those longer than one minute (videos shorter than one minute are usually uploaded asCoilsinstead of a standard video post). There are both portrait and landscape format videos available here, but the former is much more popular. That's because Instagram is an app aimed specifically at smartphones.

By default, Instagram automatically shows long videos posted by accounts you follow on the platform. Also, you can view video content from other accounts in the Explore section. For content creators, Instagram TV is a powerful platform where you can showcase your content on the go to a huge audience.

(Video) Top Youtube Alternatives 2022


  • To watch videos on a smartphone
  • More short videos with a maximum limit of up to 1 hour
  • good income opportunity


  • There is no way to change the video quality
  • Subtitles are only available in the IGTV app
  • primitive video player


If you are looking for a video sharing site that will make you laugh, then 9Gag's video section is your place to be in 2022. Many users are probably already familiar with this portal that offers an unlimited supply of entertainment in the form of GIFs, images and memes.

It also hosts a wide collection of funny videos, movie trailers and engaging content just like YouTube. You can browse the 'WOW' and 'WTF' sections which have fun content but some of them may be NSFW.


  • An endless supply of fun visual content
  • Built-in option to download videos


  • No video search option
  • Very primitive video player


15 Best Free YouTube Alternatives (2022) | Video sites like YouTube (8)

We generally use Facebook to find friends, groups or pages of interest. But, in 2022, the social platform offers much more than that. In fact, you will be surprised to find a huge library of videos when you browse the Watch tab.

The video content offered by the social network is as diverse as that of YouTube. Whether it's live events, original shows, tutorials, reviews, music videos or fun clips; You name it, Facebook has it all. Clearly, Facebook's Watch section is pretty underrated when people are discussing good YouTube alternatives.

One obvious downside to Facebook's View tab is that finding the right content can be difficult as the user interface is a bit confusing. Also, it's easier to browse content with a Facebook account than without one.


  • A wide variety of videos in one place
  • Endless search results showing too much content


  • Not enough original shows/series
  • confusing user interface


Metacafe is one of the oldest video streaming sites that was born in 2003, even before the launch of YouTube. This video platform specializes in short video content with a focus on short 90-second clips, offering fast and lively videos to its subscribers.

Metacafe's minimal interface has carefully categorized sections for better navigation and serves around 40 million viewers. However, if you are looking for professionally made videos or a complex topic, this platform is not for you.

It has more clickbaity content with witty thumbnails and titles. For those who like to pass their time with short and humorous videos created by regular users, Metacafe is the best YouTube alternative in 2022.


  • Excellent site to enjoy short videos of 90 seconds.
  • Offers quick and accurate product reviews, how-to guides and fun content


  • Lack of diverse, high-quality content.

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10Internet Archive video section

This site includes exactly what it says: an archive with a lot of content stored in it. From documentaries to TV series and movies, you'll find an astonishing variety in the Internet Archive's 2022 video section.

You can sort the content by setting filters by year, language, theme and themes. When browsing, one can find certain videos that are hard to find on other video sites like YouTube. Also, anyone can contribute to the archive by uploading content for free.

(Video) BEST YOUTUBE ALTERNATIVES - 41 best video sharing sites like Youtube.


  • A vast collection of old documentaries, TV series, movies.


  • It can be tricky to search for a specific video


15 Best Free YouTube Alternatives (2022) | Video sites like YouTube (11)

Utreon is a relatively new addition to the list of best YouTube alternatives. Honestly, Utreon is a lot like YouTube with a similar but revamped user interface and functionality. Here, content creators can choose to sync their YT videos, eliminating the need for duplicate video uploads across both platforms.

The best part about Utreon is that you finally get a true uncensored YouTube alternative. You can stop worrying about the endless list of rules and regulations on YouTube and just focus on the basic and important ones on Utreon.

Talking about features, it is mobile friendly, properly categorized with sections (like new, top, trending, topics, etc.). You can also monetize videos on Utreon, and channels that were unfairly demonetized on YouTube can get help on this video platform to monetize again.


  • Supports up to 4K video files
  • It offers freedom of expression and no censorship.
  • YouTube-like user interface


  • Small base of creators
  • buggy user interface

12tube D

Blockchain is all the rage in the tech city, and based on this technology, a new video platform like YouTube, dubbed 'DTube', has emerged. This decentralized site is a good YouTube alternative. It actually comes pretty close when searching sites like YouTube because the UI is very similar.

You can browse the "Hot", "Trending" and "Viewed" videos on the homepage. There is also option to save videos to watch later and see viral content through trending tags. The best part is that DTube is ad-free. It uses the Steem blockchain for record keeping and users are not required to make initial deposits or pay transaction fees.

In fact, uploading a video to DTube rewards you with Steem cryptocurrency rewards for seven days. In addition, users who leave comments on videos also have a chance to earn money.


  • Ad-free website that offers an uninterrupted viewing experience
  • Blockchain-based platform with possibility to earn cryptocurrencies
  • Good alternative to uncensored YouTube


  • I can't subscribe to creators


When you search the web for more sites like YouTube in 2022, Veoh is one name you'll come across. This video streaming site makes it easy for you to discover, view and customize your online viewing experience.

Veoh can be a good option if you like to watch longer videos as it allows users to upload and publish videos of unlimited length. One can find various movies, TV series and even anime on this website.

With a clean user interface and tons of social networking features like adding contacts, creating groups and direct messaging, Veoh is a good alternative to YouTube.


  • Recommended for videos and long movies
  • Social functions to interact with groups and forums.


  • outdated user interface


PeerTube is an open source video sharing platform that can serve asgood youtube alternativein 2022. It is a decentralized Peer to Peer (P2P) software just like BitTorrent where anyone can host videos in their individual instance. Compared to other platforms like YouTube, PeerTube's interface is simple, clean and ad-free. It contains a recently added trending section where you can browse new videos.

The best part of PeerTube is that it overcomes YouTube's limitations like being blocked or censored. Thus, it allows creators to showcase their content around the world very easily without running the risk of being banned. As PeerTube is relatively new, it doesn't have a diverse collection of videos. However, it offers an appreciable service as a competitor.

(Video) 15 YouTube Alternatives, Watch videos online using alternative sites


  • Open source and decentralized
  • No registration required
  • Alternative YouTube without excessive censorship


  • You need to install the PeerTube software

15.The open video project

The Open Video Project, launched in 1998, is a digital library that has around 195 video clips. It is a repository of digitized video content that has diverse documentaries, educational and history-related content.

You can select from the available content by setting filters for a specific time duration, sound and format. A significant portion of the videos on this video platform were primarily provided by US government agencies.


  • The best YouTube substitute for finding educational documentaries


  • There are no other interesting video genres available

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Start binge-watching on YouTube alternatives

While there is no site that can similarly replace YouTube, even in 2022, viewers and creators can use a combination of the aforementioned sites depending on their needs. Hope you found this list of best YouTube alternatives helpful. If you are interested in consultingapps similar to tumblrCheck out our blog here!

For example, you can go to Facebook or IGTV if you feel like watching random, mindless videos. Feel free to pick any of the sites recommended above, and if you find any other great video sites like YouTube, let us know in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions about YouTube Alternatives

1. What can I use instead of YouTube?

You can use other video platforms like YouTube like Dailymotion, Utreon, Vimeo, Metacafe, IGTV and other YouTube alternatives I mentioned in this article.

2. Who is YouTube's biggest competitor?

Vimeo is one of YouTube's biggest competitors, but it doesn't generate revenue like YouTube. However, it has a decent number of users, which makes it a worthy rival.

3. Why are there no good YouTube alternatives?

It's because YouTube is a behemoth with billions of hours of content and billions of users. Furthermore, it is backed by the tech giant and parent company, Google. Yes, there are other sites that have impressive video collections, but none of them have as many features and diversity as YouTube.

(Video) Best 7 Alternatives of YouTube in 2023 [ Get Viral Easily ]


Where can I watch free videos? ›

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May 3, 2022

What is the most popular social platform? ›

Facebook is the largest social media site, with more than two billion people using it every month. This means that roughly 36.9% of the world's population are Facebook users.

Does it cost money to use Rumble? ›

The platform is free to use and open to everyone. Content creators can sign up for a free account and start uploading videos immediately. Rumble makes money through its media partners like MTV, Xbox, Yahoo, and MSN, as well as through advertising.

How much does Rumble cost? ›

Rumble Studio Pricing
Basic$9.001 Seat, 10 hours Export Per Month Contact Us
Plus$99.003 Seats, 50 Export hours Per Month Contact Us
Advanced$499.0010 Seats, 150 Export hours Per Month Contact Us
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Does Rumble pay you to watch? ›

You're paid according to how many views each video gets — the more views your videos get on Rumble, the more money you can earn! The key here is to create engaging content that people want to watch. It's really easy to sign up for a Rumble account; just click here and start making some cool cash today!

Does Dailymotion pay you? ›

To get paid, make sure to add your banking information. Earned revenue will automatically be transferred to your payment service every month when your balance exceeds $100. Also, you can always track your revenues in your analytics and view your payments. Learn more about monetization and its benefits here.

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  • Nielsen.
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  • GrabPoints.
  • Viggle.
May 14, 2022

Is Vimeo no longer free? ›

A free plan on Vimeo stays free forever. As long as you are following our guidelines and logging in every once in a while, your account will remain intact. We consider accounts that have not been used for a full year to be inactive, and we reserve the right to remove inactive accounts.

What app can i watch videos for free? ›

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Is PopCornFlix legal? ›

What is Popcornflix? Popcornflix is a free, yet legal, ad-supported streaming service featuring movies and TV series.

Which is the best free streaming app? ›

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  • Testimonials.
  • Tutorial Video Content.
  • Reviews.
  • Vlogs.
  • Webinars.
Jun 10, 2022

Is Rumble free to use? ›

Rumble is a user-generated content (UGC) platform that allows anyone to upload videos and share them with the world. The platform is free to use and open to everyone. Content creators can sign up for a free account and start uploading videos immediately.

Is Rumble worth it? ›

If you are just starting out as a video creator, then Rumble can be a decent secondary option for you because it offers an easier path for you to monetize the videos you upload. But, you have to be careful about the licenses you will choose.

Does Rumble cost? ›

Rumble Studio has 3 pricing editions, from $9 to $499. A free trial of Rumble Studio is also available.


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