Hell's Kitchen: What Most Fans Don't Know About Gordon Ramsay's Hit Show (2023)

UPDATED: May 7, 2020Gordon Ramsay became famous not only as a world-renowned chef, but also as a popular TV presenter. No doubt his popularity has been boosted by his "unique" attitude towards people (i.e. he is widely known for yelling at show contestants at him). However, we are sure that there are manyInteresting things to know about Gordon Ramsaybesides your attitude. For example, his success on television helped him amass anet worth of $220 million!While connected to multipledoes not show The Food Network as MasterChef, perhaps his greatest success ishell's kitchen. This long-running Fox series has two teams of chefs vying for a $250,000 prize and a job at one of Ramsay's restaurants. The show is a hit thanks to the dares, the turntables, and seeing Ramsay yell at the contestants. Like many reality shows, it can be hard to discern just how "real" it is. Turns out it's a lot more real than people expect. Plus, contestants are faced with off-camera challenges that rival those we see on air! Here are some interesting facts abouthell's kitchenwhich most fans don't see on the show.

20 The rooms are ridiculously small.

On most reality shows, the cast's living quarters are luxurious apartments or even full-size houses. HK is more like an army barracks. What can be seen on the show is just a taste of how small they really are.

At first, up to five people can share a room, making meeting strangers rather awkward. Add in constant cameras and stressful situations, and the show feels more like a military period.

19 There's a secret "Ninja Team" ready to back up

More than once on the show, Ramsay eventually loses patience with the chefs' incompetence and shuts down the kitchen. So what happens to all that food? Do customers go home hungry? Asformer contestant Kevin Cottle revealed a Mashed, there is a team of "secret ninjas" ready as reserve.

They take leftover food to make something for waiting customers and then clean it up. Just because chefs go home early doesn't mean customers will.

18 Competitors really have no idea what's coming

It is true that many "reality shows" are scripted and the contestants are told what is to come. Not so in HK, as Ramsay and the producers like to keep chefs on their toes. A famous instance is when contestants went to the BLT Steakhouse expecting to be invited, only to be told they would have to cook in their evening dress.

Ariel Malone added how the producers would unexpectedly change the wake-up time and other tricks. So it's safe to assume that the surprises we see on the show are legit.

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17 Diners get free drink while they wait

While the focus is on the chefs, the patrons of the actual "restaurants" have their own challenges. Filming can take hours and hours, so they have to wait. According to TV Guide, it's not uncommon for some diners to never get past the appetizer, depending on how well the chefs work.

On the plus side,customers get free drinks to pass the timewhile waiting for Ramsay to finish yelling at the contestants.

sixteen The best way to have privacy is... Singing?

Competitors have to learn how to handle cameras 24/7 and it's impossible to be alone. However, according to Mashed, severalthe contestants found a way to keep the cameras off them: Sing a famous song.

Music rights are expensive and Fox can't just shell out more money to get a Taylor Swift song featured. No matter the voice, singing a song is the best way to take the camera off of you.

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15 They want real cooks, not fake ones.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ramsay summed up how he despises so-called "chefs" whose experience is limited to "they think they can cook because they provided dinner." He also hates those who lie about how much cooking skill they have before preparing meals.

That's why the interview process is intense, as the producers want people with real culinary skills and knowledge, not just looking to get on TV. Ramsay made it clear thatonly truly serious chefs are fit for their kitchen.

14 Bodyguards are everywhere

a man likeGordon Ramsayhe is not just an ordinary TV presenter. He is a chef who also appears on TV cooking shows, has 18 open restaurants, 16 Michelin stars, and earned more than $60 million in 2015. The man took his passion for swearing and cooking and moved on, becoming one of the most popular chefs in the world.

So when I hear something like Gordon has a series of bodyguards around him, I'm not surprised. He is a wanted man.

As many viewers of the show know, Gordon pushes these contestants' buttons and sometimes they get sick of hearing the screaming and can get a bit physical. This is where the bodyguards come in, not only to protect Ramsay, but because Fox isn't about to see blood on the screen.

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13 Contestants are paid to participate in the show.

I don't know if many people know this, but there is oneTONfrom reality shows in which contestants are not paid to participate in the show. Sometimes the only person who sees the money is the person who wins the competition. Basically, they give up their jobs and all their experience for an opportunity they think they can win. (Those who compete inthe BachelorThey don't get paid, they don't get paid for all those damn dresses they have to buy).

On the contrary, accordingthe richest, competitors inhell's kitchenthey are paid to quit their life's work while on the show. They are paid a modest salary for the entire show, which is a bit heartbreaking since so many shows are cheap that way. When you think of all the single parents onhell's kitchenIt's good to know that they weren't completely dry from this experience.

12 The interview process to be in the program is LONG

When I think about interviewing for a reality show, I think about recording myself, telling the camera my life story and why I want to be on the show. He would probably wait for a scheduled meeting and that would be it. However, according to Sous Chef Ariel Malone, who appeared on the show in 2016, the application process is quite long.

“During the on-camera interview, the questions were more situational, like, 'If you're in the kitchen and someone burns you, how do you respond?' They want an idea of ​​your personality, or if you're a dead fish with no personality at all."

Malone added that the entire process took 2-3 months of interviews before production realized that she was the right one for the show. This, of course, means that she also spent the same amount of time with other contestants.

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11 Ramsay is not as cruel as he seems.

When we're watching Gordon on one of his TV shows (Hell's Kitchen, Nightmares in Ramsay's Kitchen, MasterChef, MasterChef Junior,mihell hotel), it is easy to see that the man is passionate about food. Not just food, but the entire food industry. He loves what he does and respects what he does. His passion, however, comes with a hot head and plenty of profanity. If you're kidding, Gordon won't sugarcoat things, he'll speak directly to you. But is he really always a bad boy?

Former contestant Ariel Malone disagrees."Honestly, he's a really nice guy. I like the guidance he gives. It's a free-style nonsense [expletive], 'I expect the best from you,' and he's really genuine and caring." Who would have thought!?

10 Some of the competitors come very close

When I think of a group of people coming together to win over $200,000 and their life's work, I expect tensions to rise. All the contestants are crammed into a house or apartment to share until the end of the season, and sometimes people become friendly, and other times people become...In factfriendly.

Former season six contestant Kevin Cottle explained that there's more to it than just cooking and sleeping. People are so stressed that they lie down with each other... After aReddit: Ask me anything, someone asked him if there were any weird secrets about the show, to which he replied, "It's not weird, butcontestants [do this] on the show all the time." Not going to lie, this is not something I was expecting. Especially since most of the 'at home' scenes aren't sexy at all; they're basically the cast relaxing with some wine and snacks.

(Video) Gordon Ramsay walks out of live interview - "Can you stop f***ing around"

9 The stress of the concert can be overwhelming.

The show takes place over a period of five weeks. And in that time frame, the contestants are literally pushed to their limits. They're working long days in a sweaty kitchen, going up against other talented chefs, and getting reprimanded right now. The stakes are high and the physical needs are quite demanding for these chefs, so it makes sense that many of them are stressed.

Mashed potatoeshe explains how "during season 2 of the series, a producer noticed that the competition started with only four smokers in the cast. By the end of the season, that number had more than doubled to 10." If picking up a bad habit is a tipping point for how much is at stake in this competition, the proof is in the pudding.

8 In addition to cooking for others, chefs also need to cook for themselves.

There are so many reality shows that offer dinner or snacks always prepared behind the scenes. Meals don't have to be four-star quality, but something healthy and quick that works. but apparently inhell's kitchenYes, the contestants' kitchens are full of everything they want to make for themselves, but with such long days cooking for other people, the last thing those people want to do is cook dinner for themselves (that's probably why which so many contestants are excited about when they won team dinners. Makes a lot of sense now!)

Chef Ariel Malone explained theDelight"I didn't have a clock, but we usually woke up around 7 a.m. tops and went back to the dorms to make dinner or something like that around 9 or 10 p.m." Now, I don't know about you, but when it's 10 p.m. m., the last thing I want to do is have a full meal.

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7 Technology is isolated from competitors.

It's true what they say, when the competitors come inhell's kitchen, phones, iPads and the like are collected. As they compete in these challenges, the show makes sure they have no contact with the outside world. Talking to friends and family can relieve stress, and that's something the show wouldn't like. To make television better, these competitors must be connected... stressed.

"Ohthe producers will call our parents to update themabout what's going on and let them know it's okay," said Sou Chef Ariel MaloneDelight. "Not having the comforts of home is really the hardest part of being on the show. If you're having a hard day, you can't just call your best friend and say [expletive], or go for a run to clear your head."

6 Gordon doesn't even watch the show!

When you think of how many television shows Gordon Ramsay has been on, you would expect this man to watch them all. He maybe he can pick up some challenging ideas or ways to improve the show, but that's not how Gordon works. In fact, the more he sees himself on screen, the more susceptible he is to having a big head.

He saysplayboyin 2011 "I don't want to get obsessed with myself and start thinking about putting on makeup and seeing the way I walk. 'Oh, did I really say that?' [expletive] it is what it is. I'd rather seedeadly catchor go out to dinner.

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5 It is not a real restaurant.

As we all know, the two teams go head-to-head during the day and then go head-to-head at night when it comes to preparing dinner service. As any human being knows, cooking for many people is hard work. Buying food for a group of people who are there specifically to watch Gordon perform and eat (hopefully) amazing food is stressful. But if you thought the restaurant they were in had an odd design, that's because it is.hell's kitchenIt's not an actual restaurant, it's actually a "sound stage in Culver City, California," the season six contestant states,Roberto Hesse. "Guests can request seats by signing up on the show's website. But they make you sign something that says you're not guaranteed to eat anything." So basically it's all for the show and to make it more crowded and crowded than it really can be.

4 cameras are everywhere

While it's a cooking competition, it's still a reality show, which means there are cameras everywhere. But since these 20 people are being filmed all day, it's impossible for the camera crew to witness all of their highlights, which is where hidden cameras come into play.Season 6 contestant, criticar a Seth Levinthe mail"Those you don't see are behind mirrors" which sounds like TMI if you ask me. Cameras are also on either side of the kitchen, and even a garden crew is in the dining room, asking visitors questions about the food they're eating. This is an entertainment show so I'm sure the questions they ask aren't always in favor of the chefs.

3 Losers of the show must undergo a psychiatric evaluation

Working almost 20 hours a day for five weeks with little sleep will drive anyone crazy. In fact, I'm surprised the contestants don't talk about all the weight they're losing because there's no way they can have enough time in a day to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. No sleep, enough water, proper nutrition and Gordon Ramsay screaming in your ear is enough to make anyone lose their minds. Knowing this,hell's kitchenhe insists that everyone who missed the show get a psychiatric evaluation.

One source explains thethe mail,"The experience can be quite exhausting, so [the producers] want to make sure you don't want to kill yourself, or someone else." Honestly, some people might see this requirement as dramatic, but I think it's awesome. It's great that they take mental health so seriously! "After that, they send you to this beautiful house where you can get whatever you want: back massages, nail work, haircut... It's like a decompression before going back to society."

2 Hell's Kitchen is like a school

when you areCooking for one of the world's most powerful chefs, the last thing you want to do is act like a know-it-all. Nobody knowsall, and when your fame isn't anywhere near Gordon Ramsay levels, then it's time to act like a sponge and pick up some lore.

One of the show's executive producers, Arthur Smith, says, "It's all regulated, it's all part of the show." He goes on to say, "[The contestants] are always learning something, cooking something, or meeting with the sous chefs, who really like it." There are even people who don't show up to the viewers who support these contestants by giving them words of encouragement.

But Gordon isn't your typical TV jerk. if a competitorIn factwants to leave because it's too much for them, Gordon offers them that chance.

1 no rerecordings

To tell you the truth, I always thought these cooking shows would get some reshoots. There are so many contests, mistakes, and high ratings that I thought maybe some of them weren't caught on camera. Maybe the production had the crew reshoot some stuff just to get a shot or capture an earlier discussion. But apparently this is not the case.

Robert Hesse's accountthe mail"There are never reshoots.shooting is continuousThat's probably why, if the cameras miss an argument, two contestants will talk about what's going on to give viewers more details about what they missed.

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“The producers have a plan of what they want to do: the destinations, the characters. But basically, Ramsay is a nest of bees, and they throw him in a room, shake him and see who gets stung."


Who is the most loved Hell's kitchen contestant? ›

Christina Wilson

Christina Wilson won “Hell's Kitchen” Season 10 on September 10, 2012. She's considered by most fans to be the best winner of all time. Christina received a head chef position at Gordon Ramsay Steak at the Paris Las Vegas in Paradise, Nevada.

Who is the meanest chef? ›

Gordon Ramsay is well-known around the world for his flaring temper and his competitive cooking show Hell's Kitchen. He is viewed by some as the meanest chef. Ramsay is certainly not afraid to tell someone what he thinks, which is where he gets most of his respect.

What is the most entertaining season of Hell's kitchen? ›

15 Best Hell's Kitchen Seasons, Ranked (According To IMDb)
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  • Season 16 - 6.85. ...
  • Season 3 - 6.94. ...
  • Season 12 - 6.94. ...
  • Season 4 - 6.95. ...
  • Season 18 - 7.01. ...
  • Season 2 - 7.03. ...
  • Season 14 - 7.04.
Jan 25, 2023

Who is the most successful Hell's kitchen chef? ›

Christina Machamer
BornMarch 13, 1982 St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.
EducationThe Culinary Institute of America (2008)
Culinary career
Rating(s) Michelin stars
5 more rows

Who is the head chef at Hell's Kitchen Las Vegas? ›

Guests hoping to dine at the renowned chef Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen in Las Vegas are asked to make a reservation in advance, although on certain occasions, walk-ins are taken.

Are the customers on Hell's Kitchen actors? ›

The diners were, in fact, real people who were recruited to test out the food and service in the “restaurant.” (The building, by the way, is a former TV studio converted into a restaurant and dorm area for the production.)

What chef went to jail? ›

Jeff Henderson is an American chef, bestselling author and popular public speaker. He is also a former felon, having served nearly a decade in prison for cocaine.
Jeff Henderson (chef)
Jeff Henderson
SpouseStacy Henderson
Culinary career
Cooking styleTraditional Southern Cuisine
6 more rows

What famous chef got in trouble? ›

Celebrity chef Mario Batali has agreed to settle lawsuits by two women alleging he sexually assaulted them in separate encounters in Boston, one of whose accusations were the focus of a #MeToo-era criminal prosecution that ended in his acquittal.

What cooking star went to jail? ›

On July 16, 2004, Stewart was sentenced to five months in prison and five months of home confinement, in addition to being fined $30,000 and given two years probation. She could have received up to 16 years in prison.


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