Mariah Carey Confirmed As First Female Artist To Top Billboard Hot 100 For More Than Four Decades (2023)

Mariah Carey Confirmed As First Female Artist To Top Billboard Hot 100 For More Than Four Decades (1)

Mariah Carey

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The five-time GRAMMY winner scored her first No. 1 hit of the new decade and her 19th chart debut with her holiday classic "All I Want For Christmas Is You."

|GRAMMY/January 3, 2020 - 2:10 a.m.

pop superstarMariah Careyjust set a new world record for the power of his enduring Christmas hit "All I Want For Christmas Is You." Afterbreaking three Guinness World RecordsLast November, the all-time Christmas classic now cemented Carey as the first and only artist to top the Billboard Hot 100 chart for four separate decades.

Andconfirmed by billboardEarlier this week, the song entered the new decade for the third consecutive year atop the latest Billboard Hot 100 chart as of January 4, 2020. The track marks her first No. 1 hit of the current decade and her position number 19 in the general list. His record includes 14 chart-toppers in the '90s, followed by four winners in the '00s. "Christmas," which also surpassed thatHoliday Chart 100by week 40 he is Carey's 2010s singles list champion.

File:Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" Hits No. 1 25 Years After Its Release

The recent chart success of the title is marked by anewly released music videofor "Christmas," which debuted last month before the peak of the holiday season.

Even so, it was a long ride (by sledding) until the track hit number 1. Originally released as the lead single from Carey's 1994 albumMerry christmas, her first holiday album and fourth full-length album overall, All I Want For Christmas Is You, topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for the first time last December, 25 years after its original release, after appearing three times on the episode had reached the top 10 since 2017.

The song is only the second Christmas song to top the Hot 100 chart, after 1958's "The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)," a new GRAMMY-winning Christmas song by David Seville, the stage name of David Seville. .Ross Bagdasarian Sr.., and his cartoon band,dying squirrels.

As the first artist to top the Billboard Hot 100 chart in four decades, Carey surpasses icons likestevie maravilla,miguel jackson,Elton John,janet jackson,Virgen,Cristina Aguilera,Britney SpearsYujier, who have topped the same table for three decades.

Regard:Mariah Carey wins Best New Artist

The success of her recent chart-topping "Christmas" places Carey among the artists with the most No. 1 records overall.beatles die(20) led the score followed by Carey (19) andRihanna(14).

Most recently, Carey graduated from theAll I want for Christmas is your touras well as specialAll I want for Christmas is you Weihnachtsshowsas part of his Las Vegas residency at Caesars Palace to mark the rink's 25th anniversary last year.

Carey is a five-time GRAMMY winner and has a total of 34 nominations. She won the Best New Artist category.33 premios GRAMMYheld in 1991.

GRAMMY Awards 2020: Complete list of nominees

Mariah Carey Confirmed As First Female Artist To Top Billboard Hot 100 For More Than Four Decades (2)

(From left to right) Mariah Carey, FKA Twigs, Mary J. Blige, Wizkid, SZA, Kehlani

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From the return of beloved mainstays to unexpected collaborations, relive some of the year's biggest R&B moments.

|GRAMMY/26/12/2022 - 17:24

2022 was a bright year for R&B, with newcomers and legends debunking claims that the genre was on the verge of losing its popularity. It was actually quite the opposite: Rising R&B stars like Flo helped reinvigorate '00s nostalgia, and veterans like it. baby face It showed that there is strength in working together.


As the world emerges from the pandemic, artists channeled a lighter energy into their music, using lighter melodies and lyrics that emphasized fun and romance. Chloe provided the twerk friendly anthems along the way FKA branches' Caprisongs Mixtape contained a song for every type of party imaginable.

There were plenty more R&B stars, new and old, to add to the genre's shine this year. Relive some of the biggest R&B moments of 2022 below.

The ladies seduced us

R&B has always retained a sensual core, and the women of the genre have confidently reminded listeners of that throughout 2022. On their second album Age Gender Location,ari lenox he explored the ups and downs of lust with songs like the NSFW "Leak It" (featuring Chlöe) and the flirtatious "Hoodie." Chlöe continued to unleash the seductive goddess of hers on her solo single "Surprise."

two years before SZA dropped them long awaited second album CALL FOR HELPIn December, he showed off his pole dancing skills in a 2020 Instagram post mocking the single "Shirt." (And when the lead single "Good Days" dropped in March, she continued her seduction in the outro of the music video.) feeling of emptiness in the punk rock inspired 'F2F'.

Peacock air hood Star Coco Jones proved that her singing skills are just as strong as her acting chops as she won hearts with her debut EP. What i did not tell you, including the long-awaited single "ICU". marca bernstein, also a debutante, released his debut album three dimensions of depth. The LP features a variety of genres, but songs like "Softly" really wowed listeners.

Singers from across the pond reigned

Appreciation for R&B spans all coasts, and British artists put new spins on the genre. Cheltenham's FKA Twigs set the energetic tone with the release of his first mixtape in January. Caprisongs, which is filled with a kaleidoscope of sounds from drum and bass to trap. leicester Where are you? I navigated the heartbreak with her Inform an Ur Ex EP. a native of Southampton craig david returned to his 2000s style with his nostalgic eighth album, 22, which opens with an interpolation from R&B star Jon B.'s 1998 classic "They Don't Know."

He was born in London after wowing fans in the United States with his GRAMMY-winning single "Boo'd Up" in 2018. you never he returned with his second album heart on my sleeve - a self-proclaimed "therapy session" that highlighted the artist's songwriting as a diary. London also spawned a new girl group this year in Flo, a trio who channeled the 2000s pop&b heyday with their debut EP. The leadership.

Afrobeats seeped into the genre

Afrobeats' international popularity has skyrocketed in recent years and now other genres are borrowing its infectious beat. This year, R&B singers infused the genre into their own sounds, further proving the versatility of Afrobeats.

FKA branchesCaprisongs includes "Jealousy," a chilling collaboration with up-and-coming Nigerian artist Rema. Two months later, Rema released her own R&B-heavy music on her debut album.rave and pink, with guests like 6lack andChris Brown.

The month of June gave way to the warm summer collaborations.DiddyPaired withhelm brysonon the haunting "Gotta Move On," which earned the music mogul his 11th No. 1 spot on the Adult Billboard R&B Airplay chart. And in true Diddy style, he released a version of "Queens" starring Yung Miami andAshanti.

Not long after, Chris Brown andinfant prodigyteamed up for Call Me Every Day. The torrid hit marked their third collaboration and illustrated why they were crowned princes of R&B and Afrobeats respectively.

The artists brought it back to the club.

R&B isn't always about love and heartbreak songs. Rather than dwell on their feelings, a handful of singers chose to take a more upbeat approach to their music. After kicking off her solo era with last year's booty anthem "Have Mercy," Chlöe continued the ode to curves with "Treat Me." Based on a sample by Bubba Sparxxx and the Ying Yang Twins' 2005 hit "Ms. New Booty," "Treat Me" is a paean to self-confidence.

Baby Tate also borrowed an Atlanta crunk from the same year for "Ain't No Love". Featuring Georgia native 2 Chainz, the bouncy tune samples Ciara's "Oh" collaboration with Ludacris, turning the 2000s classic into a modern jam.

On the opposite coast, Los Angeles native Blxst cemented his trademark laid-back style with his debut album. Before you leave. The lead single "About You" is best served with a cold and two step.

let's go then he took listeners to his native Bay Area with April's blue waterway Album (which also features Blxst). Rick's clever sampler "Wish I Never" is the ultimate '90s house party jam, while the upbeat "Up At Night" plays throughout. Justin Bieber it will do exactly what the title implies.

Other club genres also came into play, with Ravyn Lenae experiencing the euphoria of house. Hypnosis' 'Xtasy' and FKA Twigs join Shygirl in the packed ballroom Caprisongs' "Daddy's bones."

There were a lot of '90s celebrations

The '90s still have a firm grip on today's R&B sound, and the artists who ruled that decade proudly reminded us of that in 2022. For the 25th anniversary of Mariah Careyit is transitory mariposa album, the icon released a special reissue that includes an updated version of "The Roof" (with vocals added by brandy) and "Whenever you call" (mit Brian McKnight), a live version of "My All" from VH1 Divas Live, the "Amorphous Anniversary Club Remix" of the title track, and more.

ujier He also got in the mood for remembrance and published My Way (25th Anniversary Edition) - which has the same September 16th as Carey's anniversary mariposa. The reissue featured reinterpreted versions of three tracks: "My Way (Ryan James Carr Remake)", "Nice & Slow (Ryan James Carr Remake)" and "You Make Me Wanna... (Ryan James Carr Remake)".

To commemorate another 25th anniversary Erykah Badu celebrated his victory at the GRAMMY Bedouinism debuted with two shows at the Royal Festival Hall in London.

Other '90s celebrations came from R&B quartet Xscape, who received the Lady of Soul honor at the 2022 Soul Train Awards, and new artist LAYA, who received the honor miss eliot with a cover of the rapper's 1997 single "Sock It 2 ​​Me" for Women's History Month.

The alternative R&B girls are back

The beauty of R&B lies in its sonic diversity. Alternative R&B has grown in popularity over the years, and 2022 saw the return of some of the subgenre's leaders.

Santigold celebrated an exciting comeback spirituality, the singer's first album in six years. An emotional journey through lockdown, the LP blends gospel, electronica, punk and pop, all coupled with Santigold's signature howl.

Another long-awaited return came from Kelela, who reappeared in September after a five-year hiatus. His single "Washed Away" is the starting signal for his second album Rabe, which will be released next February. "Rabe is my first breath in the dark, an affirmation of the black woman's perspective in the midst of systemic annihilation and the sound of our vulnerability being empowered," Kelela shared in a press release.

Although Solange While no new music came out for fans in 2022, in March, the singer was honored with the 2022 NYU Global Trailblazer Award for Creative and Artistic Excellence. An ever-unpredictable star, he composed a score for the New York City Ballet, which won life in a performance at Lincoln Center in September.

Old school meets new school

This year there was no separation of generations. Rather, the hierarchy of "legends vs. newcomers" was abandoned entirely, as artists from the '60s to the present day have joined forces in the recording studio.

isla ronald Y Beyoncé wowed soul fans with his reissue of Make Me Say It Again, Girl, originally released on the isley brothers' 1975-Album, The heater is on. Isley's wife/manager, Kandy said billboard that Beyoncé's mother, Tina Knowles-Lawson, was an integral part of the collaboration, which comes full circle for the star, who grew up with the group. "The fact that they give us permission to release it right now is so special," Kandy said.

Ciara and Summer Walker's upbeat vocals complemented each other on "Better Thangs," while SZA (whose stage name is a tribute to Wu Tang Clan member RZA) played the late Ol' Dirty Bastard. CALL FOR HELP. Elsewhere, PJ MortonThe latest album from is a celebration of the guest collaboration. stevie maravilla Y nas in "water" and jill scott and Alex Isley in I still believe.

In October, Babyface passed his GRAMMY-winning torch to the women of R&B with his collaboration album. girls night. Exclusively featuring the new generation of singers from Muni Long to Ari Lennox, the album proved that romance is ageless.

Maria J. Blige crowned herself the queen of hip-hop soul on her latest album, which features rappers like Dave East and Fivio Foreign. On the other hand, Toronto R&B duo dvsn teamed up with R&B boy group Jagged Edge for the former's "What's Up". work on my karma Album.

From R&B legends to up-and-coming newcomers making waves, there was plenty of proof this year that the genre is still thriving and never going anywhere.

R&B Is Not Dead - Listen to 51 songs from Summer Walker, Josh Levi and other artists driving the genre forward

Mariah Carey Confirmed As First Female Artist To Top Billboard Hot 100 For More Than Four Decades (3)

frank grumpy

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James Brown changed the sound of pop music when he discovered the power of one and sparked funk with "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag." Today funk lives on in many forms, including these exciting bands from around the world.

|GRAMMY/25/11/2022 - 16:23

(Video) THE COMPLETE MAIN POP GIRLS: Billboard Hot 100 Chart History (1982-2022)

It's rare that a genre can be traced back to a single artist or group, but that's the way it was with funk.James Brown. The Godfather of Soul coined the phrase and playing style known as "on the one," where the downbeat is emphasized instead of the typical second and fourth beats found in pop, soul, and other styles. Asdavid got he eloquently explains that playing on one "leaved room for phrases and riffs, often syncopated around the beat, creating an intricate, interconnected grid that I could go on and on." You know a funky bass line when you hear it; its thick chords beg your body to get up and move.

Brown's 1965 classic "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag" became and remains one of the earliest funk hits.endlessly sampled and covered over the years along with his other wonderful tracks. Of course, many other funk acts followed in the '60s, and the genre thrived in the '70s and '80s as the disco fad came and went and the creators of hip-hop and house music created new funk and funk music. floppy disk. Bones built for dancing.

Legendary funk bassistcollins boots learnedthe power of one quit playing in Brown's band and got into itgeorge clinton, which created P-funk, an expansive, afrofuturist, psychedelic exploration of funk with his various bands and projects includingParlamento-Funkadelic. Both Collins and Clinton remain active and fun, and have offered their timeless grooves for collaborations with younger artists, including Kali Uchis, Sonic de it, and Omar Apollo; AND Kendrick Lamar, flying lotus, Y thunder cat, o.

Electro-funk was born in the 1980s, when artists like Afrika Bambaataa, Man Parrish, and Egypt Lover began creating futuristic beats on the Roland TR-808 drum machine, often featuring robotic vocals distorted by a dialog box. A key distinguishing feature of electro-funk is the de-emphasis on vocals, with more phrases than choruses and verses. The sound influenced contemporary hip-hop, funk and electronica and acts around the world, while current acts like Chromeo, DJ Stingray and even Egypt Lover keep electro-funk alive.

Today, funk lives on in many places, with its heavy bass and syncopated rhythms finding its way into many nooks and crannies of the music. There's nu-disco and boogie-funk, reminiscent of disco bands with soaring vocals and instruments designed for the dance floor. G-Funk continues to influence Los Angeles hip-hop, with innovative artists like Dam-Funk andchannel three Taking funk and G-funk into electronic territory. The funk, disco-centric revival of the '70s is definitely having its moment, with acts like Ghost-Funk-Orchestre Y PACKAGES, while their glowing specks can be heard in the popup window pay for it, I wanted-Katze, and in full character of "Soul Train", Sonic de it. There are also acts that make dreamy, atmospheric music with a healthy dose of funk, likeKhruangbinThe global sound collage of .

There are plenty of bands that play with a lot of funk, creating delicious rhythms designed to get you moving. Read on for five current modern funk and nu disco artists creating uptempo, band-led funk for the dance floor. Make sure you press playSpotify Playlistabove and check out the playlist from GRAMMY.comapple music, amazon music Y Pandora.

say it

Seven piece band from Brooklyn aptly described as "disco soul".say it creates dreamy operatic funk, led by singer-songwriters Nya Gazelle Brown, Piya Malik and Sabrina Mileo Cunningham. Inspired by '70s girl groups, their vocal harmonies resonate, soothe, and enchant as they tackle soulful themes with feminist flair.

Although they were active on the New York scene for several years, they have earned further acclaim for the captivating music they have released this year, including their debut album. prisma. Their 2022 debut single "Forget Me Not" is an ode to the seminal New York artist collective Guerrilla Girls, and "Norma' is their protest anthem in response to the news that Roe vs. Wade could (and has been) informed. The band's name is a nod to the funk legend. nil rodgers, from the exclamation "Le freak, c'est chi" in Chic's legendary tune "Le Freak".


monicaHer unique voice oozes confidence yet invites you to dance along to super funky boogie beats. The Pasadena, California artist wasgrew up on funk Music; His mother was in a cover band where he liked to play classics. Aretha Franklin's „Get It Right“ und Gladys Ritter"Love overboard." Moniquea released her first boogie funk track when she was 20 years old and met a local producer in 2011.XL-Midton – a true purveyor of funk. She was a star performer with him.MoFunk recordings Since then, they've collaborated on countless tracks, channeling West Coast energy with heavy doses of G-funk, sunny lyrics, and upbeat, disco-ready grooves.

His latest release is an upbeat nod to classic West Coast funk, produced by Middleton, and follows up on his wonderful collaboration-filled February 2022 album. on repeat.

shiro negro

shiro negro is a Mexico City-based duo consisting of Pamela Rojas and Rafael Marfil who have helped establish a modern funk scene in the creative Mexican metropolis. On "Electrify," originally released on Fat Beats Records in 2016 and reissued by MoFunk in 2021, Shiro Schwarz's vocals stand in stark contrast to each other, floating above a haunting, upbeat bassline and an '80s electro-funk groove with flourishes of synthesizer.

His music manages to be both nostalgic and futuristic, and impossible to sit still. The 2021 single "Be Kind" is perfect sweet, smooth and groovy lounge chic funk. Shiro Schwarz's latest track, the upbeat and nostalgic "Hey DJ," is a collaboration with Funkstress Saucy Lady and U-Key.

The company

The company (the Empress in French) are a six-piece Parisian group that delivers an infectiously upbeat mix of French pop, nu-disco, funk and psychedelia. Flore Benguigui's voice is light and dreamy but catches the eye, while the lyrics have a feminist touch.

During their energetic live sets, L'Impératrice members Charles de Boisseguin and Hagni Gwon (keyboards), David Gaugué (bass), Achille Trocellier (guitar) and Tom Daveau (drums) provide extended instrumental jam sessions to complement their music, expand and connect. Gaugué emphasizes thick, funky bass, and Benguigui leaps across the stage sounding like an angel. L'Impératrice's latest album, 2021 tako tsubo, is a sunny and playful French disco trip.

frank grumpy

frank grumpyIn his bio, his music is aptly described as "soul funk and cosmic disco sound." The London outfit was started by friends Ned Franc and Jon Moody in the early 2010s, when they lived together and threw parties in North London warehouses. In 2017, the group grew to six members, including singer and multi-instrumentalist Amber-Simone.

Their music is right at home with other electro-pop bands like London's Jungle and Australian acts Parcels. While much of him is optimistic and euphoric, Franc Moody also delves into the more relaxed and dreamy world, like the title track on his recently released album. in the ether.

The rise of underground house: how artists like Fisher and Acraze brought tech house and other indie electronic genres to the EDC

Mariah Carey Confirmed As First Female Artist To Top Billboard Hot 100 For More Than Four Decades (4)

billy idol

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“One foot in the past and one foot in the future” is how Billy Idol describes his decades-long rock career. "We have the best of all possible worlds because that was the way Billy Idol worked."

|GRAMMY/25/11/2022 - 16:19

Living Legends is a series that highlights music icons still going strong today. This week, spoke with Billy Idol about his latest EP, Cage, and continues to rock through decades of changing tastes.

Billy Idol is a true rock 'n' roll survivor who has weathered cultural shifts and personal struggles. While some only think of Idol for "Rebel Yell" and "White Wedding," the singer's musical influences span genres and many of his melodies have less power than his '80s hits might suggest.

Idol first made waves in the second half of the 1970s with British punk band Generation X. In the '80s he transitioned into a solo career that blended rock, pop, and punk into a distinctive sound that transformed him. him and his musical partner, guitarist Steve Stevens, into icons. They have received multiple GRAMMY nominations thanks to hits like "Cradle Of Love," "Flesh For Fantasy" and "Eyes Without A Face," as well as one gold, one double-platinum, and four platinum albums.

But unlike many older artists, Idol is anything but a relic. Billy continues to produce music for major idols, collaborating with producers and songwriters, including Miley Cyrus, who share his vision for the future. He'll be playing a five-show residency in Las Vegas in November, and filmmaker Jonas Akerlund is working on a documentary about Idol's life.

His latest release isCage, the second in a trilogy of annual four-song EPs. The title track is a classic Billy Idol theme that expresses the desire to break free from personal limitations and live a better life. Other tracks inCagecontain metal riffs and funky R&B beats.

(Video) Mariah Carey's Top 5 Billboard Hot 100 Hits | Billboard News

Idol continues to reckon with his demons, both of whom battled addiction in the '80s, and the singer is open about those struggles on record and on the side. (2014 idol memoir dance with myself, describes a 1990 motorcycle accident that nearly damaged his leg, and how becoming a father made him reject hard drugs. "Bitter Taste" from his latest EP, the roadside, reflects on surviving the accident.)

Though Idol and Stevens parted ways in the late '80s, the veteran guitarist fronted Steve Stevens & The Atomic Playboys and worked with Michael Jackson, Rick Ocasek, Vince Neil and Harold Faltermeyer (on the GRAMMY-winning anthem Top Gun), his Shared history and shared musical bond was undeniable. The duo reunited in 2001 for an episode of "Storytelling VH1" and I've been back at it for two decades. Their union remains one of the strongest collaborations in rock 'n' roll history.

While there is a recognizable persona and sound to much of his work, Billy Idol has always strived to try different things. Idol talks about his musical journey, his desire to constantly evolve, and the strong connection he shares with Stevens.

Steve said you like to mix different looks but everyone thinks you're a Rebel Yell/White Wedding type. But when they actually listen to your catalogue, it's very different.

Yes, that is correct. With someone like Steve Stevens, and at the time Keith Forsey was producing… [Before] Generation X was really into punk rock. We don't just play the two-minute Ramones music. In fact, we did a seven-minute song. [laughs]. We always mixed everything up.

When I started my solo career, that was the fun part. With someone like Steve, he knew what he could do. I could see whatever we needed to do, we could nail it. Musically, the world was at my feet.

"Cage" is a classic Billy Idol rocker, then "Running From The Ghost" is almost metal, like that. devil's yard The album was like the mid 2000s. "Miss Nobody" comes out of nowhere with that Pop/R&B flavor. What inspired this?

We hadn't really done anything like that since something like "Flesh For Fantasy" [which] had some R&B to it. In the early days of Billy Idol, "Hot In The City" and "Mony Mony" had girls [singing] in the background.

We've always had a bit of R&B, so it was fun to revisit. It had been a long time since we did anything like this. That was one of the reasons for working with someone like Sam Hollander [on the song "Rita Hayworth"].the roadside. We knew we could get into a world of R&B [with him] and he's a great songwriter and producer. That's really the fun of music, trying those things out and seeing if you can make them stick.

I listen to new music from veteran artists and discuss it with a few people. I'm sure you have those fans who want their nostalgia and then there are some people who will embrace the newer stuff. Do you find it challenging to reach people with new songs?

Obviously, we are looking at how to somehow have one foot in the past and one foot in the future. We have the best of all possible worlds because that's how Billy Idol worked.

You want to do things that are true to you, and you don't want to just try to do things that you see on the charts today. I think we're going to achieve that with things like "Running From The Ghost" and "Cage" on this new EP. I think we managed to do both somehow.

Obviously "Running From The Ghost" is about addiction, all the things you've been through, and "Cage" is about breaking free from a lot of personal ties. Was there a moment in your life that really made you think? I can't let it bother me anymore?

I mean, things like the motorcycle accident I was in, that was a little wake-up call a long time ago. It was 32 years ago. But there were things like that years ago that slowly made me think about what I was doing with my life. I really didn't want to ruin it. I didn't want to throw it away and it made me less carefree.

I had to tell myself, because of the drugs and stuff, that I was there and I did it. It makes no sense to keep doing it. You couldn't get higher. You didn't want to throw your life away, and I was about to. It took a little bit of time, but then little by little, I was able to control myself to a certain degree [with] drugs and everything. And I think Steve did the same. We're really on a similar path, which was great because we're in the same boat in terms of lyrics and stuff.

So a lot of things like that were wake-up calls. Even having grandchildren and seeing my daughter grow her family and everything; she just makes you very positive about things and wants to show a positive side of how you feel about where you are going. We have lived with demons for so long that we found a way to live with them. In a way, we have found a way to be at peace with our demons. Maybe not entirely, but certainly to the point that we enjoy and are enthusiastic about what we do.

[Writing] "Running From The Ghost" was easy going,What was the spirit to us?At some point in the 80's we were very addicted to drugs. And Steve in particular is super sober [now]. I mean, I'm still vaping weed and stuff. I don't know how he does it, but it's amazing. All I want to do is have a few glasses of wine at a restaurant or something. I can do this now.

I think when you work with super talented people, you feel safe. That's a big reason why you open up and express yourself more, because you feel comfortable with what's around you.

Have you seen Danny Boyle's new Sex Pistols miniseries?

I have if

You've had a few cameos; Well, an actor who played you did. How did you react to that? How accurate do you think he was in depicting that particular moment?

I love Jonesy's book, I thought her book was amazing. It is probably one of the best organic books really. It was amazing and very open. He really wanted that.

It was like [the show] got stuck halfway with Steve [Jones's memoir] and then veered away from him. [John] Lydon, for example, was never someone he saw; he is more like that today. I've never seen him do anything like jump across the room and freak out. The only time I saw him like this was when they signed with Virgin outside Buckingham Palace. Whereas Sid always played Vicious; He was always doing something in a horrible way or yelling at someone. I don't remember John being like that. I remember that he was much more introverted.

But then I watched the interviews with some of the actors to dig deeper into the roles they were playing. And they said we knew punk rock was happening, but we just didn't know the details. so i thought there you go. If ["Pistol"] educates a lot of people who wouldn't know anything about punk rock, maybe that's a good thing.

Maybe later John Lydon will get a chance to do John's version of the Pistols story. Maybe someone will go much deeper and not be so superficial. But maybe you just needed that to get people back into the flow.

We've had punk and metal here in the States, but it seems like England is legitimately more dangerous. British society was much more rigid.

It's never been this good in America. I went grande In England. It blew up when the Pistols did this interview with [TV host Bill] Grundy, this trucker threw the boot at him through his own TV, and all the national papers had "the dirt and the rage" [headlines].

We went from the unknown to the known overnight. We waited a year, Generation X. We even told [labels] no for nine months or a year. Every record company wanted their own punk rock group. It was really big in England and it affected the whole country: the style, the fashion, everything. I mean the Ramones were massive in England. Devo had a #1 song [in England] with "Satisfaction" in 1977. In fact, Devo was as big or bigger than the Pistols.

You were ahead of late '90s pop-punk, and a lot of it became ironic back then. It didn't have the same sense of rebellion as the original movement. It was more popular.

It had become a style. There was a famous book in England called rebellion in style — and that's what happened, a revolt that became a style that they could later copy in their own way. Even recently, Billie Joe [Armstrong] did his own version of "Gimme Some Truth," the Lennon song that we covered in 1977.

When we first made [punk] music, it wasn't accepted. It was still dangerous and it became a style that people were used to. We were still breaking barriers.

You have a band called Generation Sex with Steve Jones and Paul Cook. I guess everyone finds it easier to play Pistols and Gen-X songs together without worrying about being spit on like the '70s.

Yes, definitely. When I came to the United States, I told the group I put together: "No one spits on the audience."

They spat on us for five years [in the UK] and it was disgusting. And they spit on you when they liked you. If they didn't like it, they would trash your equipment. I remember seeing blood on my shirt one night, and I think Joe Strummer contracted meningitis when saliva got into his mouth.

You had to go through a lot to be successful, it wasn't like you just went up there and did a few shows. I don't think some young rock bands really understand that nowadays.

Since punk is so hot in England, we definitely have an advantage. We still had a lot of work to do to get to where we got to, and rightly so, because you're realizing that you have to. A lot of bands used to be together for three to five years before they even made a record and that time is really important. In a way, the best thing about punk rock for me was that it was a learning curve. I really learned a lot [about] recording music and being in a band and even writing songs.

Then when I came to the United States, it was really a flux. She was also starting to really know what she wanted Billy Idol to be. It took me a while, but I knew what I wanted to do with Billy Idol. And even that took a while to let it marinate.

You and Miley Cyrus They have built a good working relationship over the years. How do you think her fans reacted to you and your fans to her?

I think they like it. It's more that the record company that had them didn't really understand "Night Crawling" - it was one of the best songs. plastiherzen, and I don't think they understood that. They wanted to go with Dua Lipa, they wanted to go with the modern young acts and I don't think they realized that this song resonated with their fans. Which is a real shame, because with Andrew Watt as producer, it's a hit.

But at the same time I liked doing it. It came out really well and it's very Billy Idol. In fact, I think it's more Billy Idol than Miley Cyrus. I think it shows you where Andrew Watt has been. He was excited to do a Billy Idol track. It's fun working with her. He's a great person and he's working on his voice. I saw her rehearse for her Super Bowl performance. He rehearsed all Saturday morning, all Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, and it was this afternoon. I have to admire his steadfastness. She really cares.

I remember when you walked"La Bam is lebe"in 2005 and decided to give Bam Margera's Lamborghini a new sunroof by putting a chainsaw in it. He owned this car? Was that a rental?

I think it was his car.

Did you get over it afterwards?

He loved it. [laughs] He has a crazy sense of humor. It's actually fantastic. I'm so sorry to see what you've been through lately. He is going through a lot and I wish him the best. He is an amazing human being and it is a shame that I am struggling so much with his addiction. I know how this is. Is not easy.

Musically, what is the synergy with you in the last 10 years?Kings and queens of the undergroundand these new things? In this more sober, older, and mature version of the two of you, what is your working relationship like now, as opposed to how it was in the '80s?

In many ways it's not that different because we've always written the songs together, we've always talked about what we're going to do together. It was just that we got high at the same time. We just won't [like that now], but we do the same things.

We're still talking about things, still [planning] things: What are we going to do next? How will we find new people to work with? We want to find new producers. Let's be a little more contemporary when it comes to posting stuff. This part of our relationship is the same, you know what I mean? That was never affected. We were overloaded in the '80s.

The relationship has... matured and is still fruitful, and I think that's pretty amazing. Really, most people don't come to this place. They usually hate each other now. [laughs] We also give each other space. We don't stop each other from doing things that are outside of our job together. All this allows us to continue working together. I love and admire him. I respect him. He was amazing. I mean, being on stage with him is always a treat. And he has an immensely great sense of humor. I think that's another reason why we can stay together after all this time because we have the sense of humor to carry on.

There are a lot of fan reaction videos online and I've noticed a lot of young women like "Rebel Yell" because unlike a lot of other '80s alpha male rock songs, it's about pleasuring your lover.

It was about my then girlfriend Perri Lister. It was about how amazing he thought they were, how much he was in love with them, and how amazing women are, how powerful they are.

It was kind of a feminist anthem in a weird way. It was about how relationships can set you free and add so much to your life. It was a cry of love, nothing to do with the civil war or anything. Perri was a big part of my life, a big part of being Billy Idol. I wanted to write about it. I'm glad that's the effect.

Is there anything you hope people learn from the songs you've made in the last 10 years? Are you spreading a message that gets repeated over and over again?

Well, I guess if you can take anything with your life, you can take control of it. You can turn your dreams into reality, and lo and behold, a million years later, you can still enjoy it.

(Video) Mariah Carey's Christmas original tops Hot 100 25 years after debut l GMA

The only reason I sing about getting out of the cage is because I got out of the cage years ago. I joined Generation X when I told my parents, "I'm dropping out of college and joining a punk rock band." And they didn't even know what a punk rock band was. Years ago I wrote stuff for myself that set me on this path, so maybe in 2022 I could sing something like "Cage" and own that territory and really have a good time. This is the life I wanted.

The original British punk movement challenged social norms. Despite all the craziness that's going on around the world, a lot of modern rock bands seem afraid to do what you guys did. Do you think we will see a change there?

Yeah. Art generally reacts to things, so I think at some point there's going to be a massive reaction to pop music coming to the fore: middle-of-the-street music and then this kind of right-wing politics. There will be a massive reaction if there isn't already. I don't know where it will come from exactly. You never know who is going to do it.

Living Legends: Nancy Sinatra is considering creating "Power And Magic" in the studio, developing a legacy beyond "Boots" and the pop stars she wants to work with.

Mariah Carey Confirmed As First Female Artist To Top Billboard Hot 100 For More Than Four Decades (5)

Premios GRAMMY 2023

Graphic: The Recording Academy


The 2023 GRAMMY Award nominees for Best Country Solo Performance spotlight country music newcomers and veterans, featuring hits from Kelsea Ballerini, Zach Bryan, Miranda Lambert, Maren Morris and Willie Nelson.

|GRAMMY/23/11/2022 - 15:01

The evolution of country music is well represented in the 2023 GRAMMY nominees for Best Country Solo Performance. From crossover pop hooks to red dirt outlaw roots, the genre's most celebrated elements are on full display, thanks to rising stars, female leads and country icons.

Long time hitmakermiranda lambertodelivered a soulful rendition of the rootsy ballad "In His Arms," ​​an arrangement as spare as the windswept highlands of West Texas, where she co-wrote the song. Viral newcomer Zach Bryan waded into similar organic territory on the Oklahoma side of the Red River for "Something in the Orange," his vocals accompanied by little more than acoustic guitar.

Two of the country's rising stars of the 2010s are also clearly still shining bright.maren morrisYBailarina Kelseaboth received GRAMMY nominations for Best Country Solo Performance. Morris channeled the determination that fueled his leap of faith from Texas to Nashville into the playful handclaps of "Circles Around This Town," while Ballerini brought country-tinged pop hooks to the infectiously upbeat "HEARTFIRST."

Rounding out the category is loner Willie Nelson, who paid tribute to his late friend Billy Joe Shaver with a cover of 'Live Forever', a fitting sentiment for the 89-year-old legend, who is approaching his eighth decade in the business. .

As the excitement builds for the 2023 GRAMMYs on February 5, 2023, let's take a closer look at this year's nominees for Best Country Solo Performance.

Kelsea Ballerini - "HERZFIRST"

In the tradition of Shania Twain, hill of faith Y Carrie Underwood, Bailarina Kelsea represents the brighter side of Nashville, and their single "HEARTFIRST" is a bright, snappy and sweet slice of country-pop for the ages.

Ballerini sings about leaning into a carefree crush with her heart on her sleeve, putting her reservations aside and risking love at first sight. The scene takes place in a bar room and in a back seat as she nimbly moves through the verses and into a brilliant chorus as the narrator decides she's ready to "wake up in your T-shirt."

There are enough steel guitar licks to let you know you're listening to a country song, but the story and melody are universal. "HEARTFIRST" is Ballerini's third GRAMMY nomination, but his first in the Best Country Solo Performance category.

Zach Bryan – "Something in the Orange"

Zach Bryan appeared seemingly out of nowhere in Music City in 2017 when his original song "Heading South," recorded on an iPhone, went viral. The Oklahoma native, then an active duty officer in the US Navy, pursued his muse through music during his spare time, striking a chord with country fans with strong songs led by his acoustic guitar and an impressive voice.

Following his honorable discharge in 2021, Bryan began his musical career in earnest, releasing Something in the Orange in 2022, a haunting ballad that convincingly claims Tyler Childers/Jason Isbell territory in both sound and songwriting. A sharp guitar slide reveals the song's heartbreak as Bryan longs for a lover whose taillights are long gone over the horizon.

"Something In The Orange" marks Bryan's first GRAMMY nomination.

Miranda Lambert - "In His Arms"

Miranda Lambert is the rare chart-topping contemporary country artist who pays more than lip service to the genre's rural American roots. "In His Arms" originally appeared in 2021 The Marfa Tapes, a casual photo that Lambert took Jack Ingram Y jon randall in Marfa, Texas, a small art enclave in the middle of the high desert of West Texas.

In this actual studio version, recorded for their 2022 album,Palomino— Lambert maintains the structure and organic feel of the largely acoustic song; Light percussion and soothing atmospheres keep her emotional voice center stage. Lambert, a Texas native, feels right at home on "In His Arms."

Lambert is the only nominee for Best Country Solo Performance, being nominated in all four Country Field categories in 2023. To date, Miranda Lambert has won 3 GRAMMY Awards and has received a total of 27 nominations.

Maren Morris – "Circles Around This Town"

When Maren Morris was out of inspiration and struggling with writer's block, she went back to what inspired her to move to Nashville nearly a decade ago, and Circles Around This Town, the lead single from her 2022 album, came out. humble search.

Written in one of his first personal songwriting sessions since the pandemic, Morris has called it "Circles Around This Town.""most autobiographical song"till the date; She even recreated her own teenage bedroom for the song's video. As she reflects on her beginnings in Texas and her life that left her for Nashville, Morris's voice soars above an anthemic yet joyous production.

Morris last won a GRAMMY for Best Country Solo Performance in 2017 when his song "My Church" earned the singer her first GRAMMY. To date, Maren Morris has won a GRAMMY and has received a total of 17 nominations.

Willie Nelson - "Live Forever"

Country music icon Willie Nelson is no stranger to the GRAMMYs, and this year he's looking to add to his collection of 10 gramophones. He received an additional three nominations for 2023, bringing his career to 56 total, including a nomination for Best Country Solo Performance for "Live Forever."

Nelson's rendition of "Live Forever", the lead track on the 2022 tribute albumLive Forever: A Tribute to Billy Joe Shaver, is a faithful interpretation of Shaver's signature song. Despite this, Nelson brings his own spin to the tune and recruitslucinda williamsfor the backing vocals and echoing the melody with the inimitable tone of his Martin nylon-string guitar.

An outlaw country pioneer who died in 2020 at the age of 81, Shaver never had any hits of his own during his lifetime. But many of his songs could still be heard, thanks to stars likeelvis presley,kris kristoffersonYwaylon jennings. Nelson was a longtime friend and frequent collaborator of Shaver's, and now has a GRAMMY name to his credit.

GRAMMY 2023 nominations: See the full list of nominees


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