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If you have ever turned on the television and heard the echoes of a renowned chefGordon RamsayIf you're yelling about undercooked lobster risotto, then you'll probably tune inhell's kitchen- Ramsay's long-running reality cooking series, in which two kitchen teams compete for the chance to become a chef at one of Ramsay's restaurants. The series premiered on Fox on May 30, 2005 and has now successfully aired 20 action-packed seasons that wow viewers: Season 21 is scheduled to premiere on September 29.

Through the years,hell's kitchenhas featured a host of talented chefs from across the country and a plethora of unforgettable moments, including kitchen fires, verbal abuse, hearty tears, and an incredible amount of raw lamb. As such, there are a handful of notable seasons that stand out as the best the series has to offer. So let's take a look at the 10 best seasons ofhell's kitchen– and yes, Gordon Ramsay yells at all of them.

tenth season 1

Let's face it, the success ofhell's kitchenIt wouldn't be what it is today if it weren't for the initial intrigue of the first season, which debuted on television almost twenty years ago. And while the first season isn't the best, it certainly deserves a spot on this list as the driving force behind an entertaining concept that has made Gordon Ramsay incredibly wealthy. As the show's first season, the contestants were presented with several challenges for the first time, including the Signature Dish Challenge and Ramsay's decision to split the chefs into two teams. With that being said, Season 1 is incredibly nostalgic and rightly deserves a spot on this list.

season nine 14

The fourteenth season ofhell's kitchenInterestingly, it was the first time that the three finalists were all female chefs. On the other hand, the men's blue team absolutely dominated the red team for most of the season, with the men even setting a record by winning the most dinners in the entire show. Therefore, season 14 is considered to be one of the best seasons when it comes to truly talented chefs, as there were many young chefs who were right up there with being the best.

eighth season 2

Like Season 1, Season 2 is far from the absolute best, but it certainly deserves a legitimate place somewhere in the middle. While Season 1 spawned a relatively unknown formula, Season 2 tried to magically find its place, and as such, this season delivered some of the most memorable moments in the kitchen, even during times of heavy elimination. All in all, Season 2 marked the beginning of the inclusion of notable challenges that would later follow in the rest of the seasons. This season also features one of the most promising cooks in the show's history, Heather West.

7ma season 19

The last season ofhell's kitchenIt was definitely one of the best and most exciting seasons of the entire show. In season 19, a group of talented chefs competed for the opportunity to serve as executive chef at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant in Las Vegas. Also, season 19 was arguably one of the most entertaining seasons ever.hell's kitchenStory, with multiple chefs constantly at each other's throats, trying to outdo each other at every obstacle. And with many unexpected twists and argumentative moments, this is without a doubt one of the best from Ramsay and company.

6ta temporada 16

The sixteenth season ofhell's kitchenis remembered as the first season to feature the memorable Black Jacket Lounge, which features multiple entertainment elements including a pool table, buffet and open bar, and was home to the ultimate handful of chefs, handpicked by Ramsay himself. Each selected competitor received a black jacket instead of the typical blue or red jacket worn by chefs throughout the season. Also, this season was the third where the top three were all women, which is something to be happy about.

fifth season 5

Looking at the top 5, it is ironic and appropriate that the fifth season ofhell's kitchenwill be placed at this point. Season 5 featured some of the most mind-blowing eliminations on the entire show, making the season an exciting competition between chefs. Additionally, season five featured a strong lineup of talented chefs who were hungrier than contestants from previous seasons, which certainly added to the entertainment factor of the season and helped keep the viewership base high. While there aren't many shocking moments in season five, it's still one of the best.

4ta temporada 9

The ninth season of the hit reality series was arguably one of the highest-rated seasons in the show's history, and for a number of good reasons. Due to scheduling conflicts and a national writers' strike, season 19 was the only season ofhell's kitchenthat year, each episode has different time slots and is released on different days of the week during its run. Nonetheless, the show managed to entertain attentive viewers, and the season even featured Charity Dinner Night, a special dinner for members of charities that provided quality television that had been lacking that year.

3rd season 6

To be in the top three, it would be criminal not to include the star-studded and unforgettable sixth season ofhell's kitchen- and if ever there was a season with foul-mouthed characters, Season 6 is it. Season 6 saw the memorable confrontation between short-tempered contestant Joseph and Gordon Ramsay: Joseph threatened to fight Ramsay in the parking lot, swearing several times at him. Also making a guest appearance this season was Chef Dave Levey, arguably one of the best chefs to ever appear on the reality series.

2 of season 10

Definitely the tenth season ofhell's kitchenit was one of the most entertaining seasons in reality TV history. Additionally, Gordon Ramsay found a lifelong chef in Christina Wilson, who won the tenth series and eventually became one of Ramsay's closest cooking advisors. This season has been a solid season with an array of incredibly talented chefs keeping the competition ever present on the show. This season also marked the first time a Red Team chef had won the Signature Dish Challenge, which is an achievement in itself. Therefore, it is considered one of the best.

1st season 18

Save the best for last, the eighteenth season ofhell's kitchenit's clearly the best season in the show's long history. For the first time, Chef Ramsay introduced the concept of rookies and veterans competing to see who is the better chef. So it was the first timehell's kitchenHistory that the teams were not divided by gender. In doing so, Ramsay combined sheer talent and competitiveness to form the two most dominant kitchen teams. The unique concept brought a breath of fresh air to the show, which is definitely needed for a show that has been on TV for almost two decades.


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