These are the best golf bags to get you through each round (2023)

The best golf bags are versatile, have plenty of pockets, and are built to last. After all, golf is probably the only sport that has this much equipment, so you're basicallynecessarycarry a bag to carry everything around. (Not wearing a bag isn't illegal or anything, but you'd look crazy without one.)

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Fortunately, there are golf bags for every type of player, from the pro to the weekend athlete, from the cart fanatic to the player who thinks the only way to enjoy the golf course is on foot. Read on to see our most popular golf bags, from the iconic Titleist silhouette to professional foot bags made from premium materials.

how we tested

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To test the best golf bags, we got our hands on a bunch of new bags that our testers had never tried before. We've also accepted recommendations from Gear Patrol friends who play golf, and in one case even included one of our parents (50 years of golf goes a long way).

We have focused on tote bags designed for walking simply because they are the most versatile and make the most sense for most golfers. However, that does not mean that we only test its load capacity. We walked with our bags, carried them to the shooting range, transported them to the simulators, and strapped them onto the golf carts as well. We play nine, 18 or even 36 holes in one day.

It's safe to say that we've put these bags to the test. Now it's up to you to decide which bag is right for you.

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Ping Hoofer

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  • Scholarships:11
  • Weight:5.5 pounds

The Ping Hoofer has long been recognized as the epitome of versatile golf bags. In our tests, we found this practical and well-made bag to be simply spectacular. While this standard version is a stand up bag, it can also be used while being carried thanks to a trolley strap channel. Many of the 11 pockets are positioned for easy access from the back of a cart, and the five-position divider easily accommodates 14 full rackets.

Where the Hoofer really shines though is on his rounds. The stand mechanism works smoothly and was a godsend for our tester, who was using an old MacGregor bag from the 1980s with no legs. The backpack straps are soft and durable, while the strap puck allows for easy switching between single and double strap profiles. Padded hip padding adds extra comfort and keeps this lightweight bag from feeling like a burden when walking the streets (and through rough terrain, too).

Another great feature is the perfect placement of the insulated water bottle sleeve, which sits right where our tester's left hand rested while carrying the bag. While there are bags that you spend less on and are happy with, it's worth spending a little more for the value you get and quality in the long run.

For an in-depth look, read our full review.Ping Hoofer.

    Coser Golf SL2

    [product contentProductId='14a9e727-9c8b-4a7e-a537-f9aaae599544' mediaId='08588585-eb3c-4bba-b99e-40171342771c' align='center' size='large'][/product]

    • Scholarships:3
    • Weight:4 pounds

    Stitch Golf was founded in 2012 when its founder was inspired by the racing bar on a 1958 Porsche. He mused that the stripe could be incorporated into a leather helmet. In 2018, the brand built a company based on the convergence of motorsport and golf. Today, you'll find a full line of golf bags and travel gear on your way there.stitches website.

    We got our hands on an SL2 bag to test and were immediately impressed with the quality and attention to detail. The lines are smooth, much like the lines of a sports car, and for a bag that's super comfortable to carry, it features a sturdy construction that feels like it's going to last forever. There is also ample space for all your golf equipment.

    The only real complaint we had during testing was that it can be difficult to get into the pockets of the bag. This is likely to lessen with time and use, but it can be a bit frustrating at first. The bag comes with two strap options that are easily interchangeable: you can go for a single padded carry strap or backpack-style straps, both of which are great options. Overall, the bag is a welcome progression from bags from traditional brands.

    Titleist Players 4 Carbon

    [product contentProductId='7ea9c9d9-a110-4c3e-9960-dbfa29f650a0' mediaId='a9cecdc9-a186-46d6-abae-d098eedb68c2' align='center' size='large'][/product]

    • Scholarships:5
    • Weight:2.8 pounds

    Weighing in at just under three pounds, the Players 4 Carbon is by far one of the lightest bags we've tested, and in bulk it comes closest to the Sunday pack listed below. Unlike this option, however, the Players 4 Carbon is a full-size carry case that easily fits a full set of 14 rackets plus all your gear.

    It has clever features that our tester liked, like a Velcro closure on the glove and an external water bottle sleeve. The carbon legs and ultra-light four-way cuff on the upper are also easy on the back. The durable ripstop fabric is flexible and easy to work with, while the backpack straps are extremely comfortable for a full lap (and more). Finally, it comes with a Tour-inspired rain hood and has the clean look you'd expect from Titleist, which is hands down one of the best brands in the game.

    Ship Player IV Support

    [product contentProductId='5d9f25f2-5668-42d4-adac-9499ed6bb6a9' mediaId='02e55988-97a2-4bb3-8e66-5cfdbe590003' align='center' size='large'][/producto]

    • Scholarships:6
    • Weight:6.76 pounds (6 times), 7.15 pounds (14 times)

    Vessel bags are widely recognized as the best in the sport; you'll even find professionals using their bags in tournaments. The Player IV is an ideal solution for golfers who want a bag they can walk with, but typically rely on a golf cart or trolley to carry essentials. At over six pounds, it's not the lightest option, but you won't even feel the weight thanks to its patented ergonomic backpack strap and thoughtful strap attachment points.

    You'll see the quality the moment you receive the case: the faux leather feels supremely luxurious, the rangefinder pocket with a magnetic snap at the top is an exclusive detail, and the insulated bottle sleeves keep your liquids cool (or hot). Finally, if you're too organized, you can get a 14-splitter version that has its own slot for each stick in your set.

    Golf tasche from the Jones Players series

    [product contentProductId='19bfeff6-c1af-4a9a-aaaa-dc07d6298d7f' mediaId='2d3344a5-3f54-490e-95fe-06550133e67c' align='center' size='large'][/product]

    • Scholarships:3
    • Weight:3 pounds

    Jones makes bags for golfers who like to explore the golf course on foot. The Player series is lightweight and minimalist, but that doesn't mean it's lacking in features. The plush strap is comfortable and easy to sling over the shoulder, while the pockets are easily accessible and roomy enough to keep everything you need close at hand. It features a mesh pocket big enough to hold a water bottle, and the bag's classic look is undeniably stylish.

    Domingo Loma XL

    [product contentProductId='fb71a496-fb9b-4d9c-81a5-49fa324a8087' mediaId='71787dab-b103-4e27-b121-3c1e81d78810' align='center' size='large'][/product]

    • Scholarships:4
    • Weight:3.4 pounds

    A friend at a local sim site recommended Sunday's Loma XL bag to our tester, and when she got the chance to try one out for Gear Patrol, she jumped at the chance. The lightweight, compact golf bag packs a punch and is perfect for playing a light pitch & putt set, playing without a cart, or on the course. It has replaced your old kitchen bag for several reasons: the easy-to-use stand, the sturdy handle, the lightweight construction, and the large pockets, including an insulated compartment for cans. It's elegant too.

    The stand is cleverly designed so you don't need to use both hands to adjust it - just push the front of the bag towards the ground and the legs will automatically extend. The bag can only stand upright when the kickstand is extended, which is easy to do but takes some getting used to.

    TaylorMade Vessel Lite Lux Stand Bag

    [product contentProductId='e6c7b12e-7826-44bb-a71f-5a36af296612' mediaId='f42cc41f-b27b-4237-a548-a3e722e6be08' align='center' size='large'][/producto]

    • Scholarships:5
    • Weight:4.5 pounds

    If you've been a golfer, you know Taylor Made. We love the brand's gear, whether it's a racket, glove or bag, and the Vessel Lite Lux Stand Bag is no exception. Made from weather-resistant faux leather, this bag lives up to its name: it really does look like a luxury bag.

    The carrying system is comfortable to carry, even though the bag looks great on the back of a shopping cart. It weighs just 4.5 pounds, which puts it firmly in the lightweight category along with some of the other bags mentioned above. Look a little closer and you'll see some of the fine details that make this price worth it, like the dual-use bottle opener/towel rack, a pencil holder, umbrella holder, and customizable ball pocket.

    Golftasche MNML MV2

    [product contentProductId='fbd08bb9-abe0-4deb-b787-1a7b0c87a82e' mediaId='d0d3b34d-467b-4414-b9c4-fa658a343b72' align='center' size='large'][/producto]

    • Scholarships:5
    • Weight:5.0 pounds

    Our tester raved about the MV2, saying: "Overall the bag is an eye-catcher. It's clearly well designed and looks like it will hold up even over long distances. The minimalist designed bag feels anything but, with lots of little luxuries." This makes the bag feel much more expensive than it is, and she even noted how many compliments she received for wearing the bag in class.

    One of the highlights of our test model are the straps. He tried this out with his old bag on one shoulder and the MNML bag on the other on a six-block walk to the driving range. The MV2 was much more comfortable - you didn't feel like you had to readjust to keep the straps from digging into your shoulder.

    And contrary to the brand name, he felt that the bag was not minimalist at all. If anything, it's maximum, in a good way. It has a number of really fun touches, like the phone holder that you can use to film yourself swinging, and the included Bluetooth speaker and solar power bank. She didn't think this was a must-have golf bag, but now that she's used it, she says she'll never go back.

    Wilson Staff ECO Bag with stand

    [product contentProductId='cb7d4a60-bc25-4244-87b6-79cd6ae84c8a' mediaId='81346540-bc82-4d72-b744-a828a7a63ca8' align='center' size='large'][/producto]

    • Scholarships:6
    • Weight:N / A

    When it comes to affordable golf equipment, Wilson Staff is the gold standard. The brand is highly respected by elite golfers and recreational golfers alike and makes some of the highest quality gear you'll find at this price point. The ECO Stand bag continues this tradition. The bag is made from over 50 recycled plastic water bottles and is Global Recycled Standard 4.0 certified. She backs up her name and proves that the nickname "echo" isn't just hot air.

    It lacks the bells and whistles of more expensive bags, but it has everything you need: self-activating legs, a five-position top for organizing, and a handy set of straps that make walking a breeze. It features six roomy pockets, including a cooler pocket to stash a tasty brew to pop open after the spin.

    What to look for in a golf bag

    Choosing a bag is pretty easy for the most part - there are few technologies and bag types to work with. In most cases, simply buying a bag that you think looks good is enough. However, if you want to go deeper, you certainly can.

    Trolley bag vs walking bag

    Today, bags are lighter, more comfortable to carry, and work great whether you're walking or traveling by car. However, unless you have your own stroller or only ride when going to class (or, as you know, you're actually a pro), you probably don't want a stroller bag. For the vast percentage of golfers (read: almost everyone), a hiking bag is the best and most versatile option.


    We tested bags made from faux leather, genuine leather, nylon ripstop, and traditional cotton/twill. Ultimately, the decision is up to you and how you use the bag. If you're going to carry it with you all the time, opt for a lighter material that can withstand the rigors of putting it down and picking it up with every shot. If you're more of a cart golfer, you might want to go for something a bit more robust.


    Most golf bags come with a range of useful and clever pockets to keep all your gear close at hand. You need to keep your balls, tees, gloves, ball markers, and all other paraphernalia organized. So try to find out how many things you are carrying and choose accordingly. Some bags will only hold enough gear to get you through a few rounds, while others will hold just about everything you want and then some.

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